“I’m so glad I found Marianne!

Six months after shoulder surgery, I had stopped progressing. I had finished 4 months of physical therapy and a few weeks of chiropractic sessions, all of which did help a lot, but I still had limited range of motion and pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. I was discouraged.

Marianne knew just what muscles to work on, and with skill, patience, strength(!) and a positive, caring attitude, she eliminated the the knots and other muscle problems that were hindering my recovery. I have been for 8 sessions and now have almost full range of motion in my shoulder and much more strength in my arm.  In addition, my neck pain is completely gone and I have only slight remaining pain in my shoulder area during certain motions. I am confident this will gradually disappear and I’ll recover fully.

I intend to see Marianne again from time to time to ensure that I retain what she has done for me and continue to improve.

I highly recommend Marianne. She is like no other massage therapist!”

Harriet Borton Brunswick, NY3

“I found Marianne while searching for someone who could fix my frozen shoulder. I had lost most of my range of motion and was in a great deal of pain any time I tried to use my arm. I had already gone through four months of physical therapy that was apporved by my insurance company, but it was completely ineffective.

Marianne was convinced she could help me and very soon I believed she was right. She developed a plan as she went along, adjusting and rethinking according to my body’s response. After each visit I regained more range of motion – and retained it. It is now very close to 100%. Because of my injuries, my shoulder will always be prone to swelling and pain – which is how the problem started in the first place. But with Marianne’s help, I will never allow it to get out of control the way it was when I first found her.

I also have problems with my lower back. Most of the time it’s ok, but when I strain it it gets very tight and painful, sometimes shooting pains down both legs. Now when that happens, I just tell Marianne. She can usually loosen up those muscles during one visit and send me home pain-free!

She is a wonderful, enthusiastic, caring person. I have not only found someone who can “fix” my body; I have found a new friend!”

Carol Caloro, Altamont, NY

“Marianne is a miracle worker. I came to her with seven years of severe chronic back pain and after just two visits my pain was 95% gone! She draws upon her vast knowledge of deep tissue and Swedish massage combined with ancient energy techniques and puts them to work to cure any ailment I have. She is always eager to answer any questions I may have in regards to what exercises are right for me and what muscles I need to focus on.

It’s been a month now and my pain is completely gone, yet I find myself still making appointments with Marianne just to be around her positive attitude and pleasant personality. She says my body is very responsive to healing. I just think it’s her hands. Thanks Marianne for making me feel like I’m 20 again!”

Ranji Abeyatunge

“I’ve had massage in the past, but never found someone who made such a difference in how I feel physically and mentally. It’s amazing how Marianne has just blown through my problems! We started off with working on the incredibly tight muscles I usually have in my back, but the focus inevitably ended up on my migraines. I’m like many people who have been to internists and neurologists, and have tried yoga, various natural treatments, huge diet changes, following self-help books as well as plenty of prescriptive treatments, with little effect on my headaches. Often they just got worse.

By taking the time to spend an hour on massage for just my head and neck on several visits, Marianne discovered that I had very swollen areas around my head like she had never experienced before. Through these sessions I learned how to do some massage to my own head, neck, and face and soon became familiar with this swolleness that Marianne felt! I have since started to focus on taming these inflammations and the direct result seems to be that I can now kill off a headache BEFORE it starts to kill me. Massage has taken me to a whole new level of body awareness that I never had before.

I went into massage treatment with only the expectation of feeling better a little bit of the time, and instead, with Marianne’s personal treatment, research, and willingness to focus and experiment, my life is changing for the better! Thank you Marianne!!”

Lori Doyle – Wynantskill, NY

“Finding the right help for the problem!

Although in today’s world of knowledge and medical breakthrough it still remains a mystery to most doctors of how to resolve pain in the body. After 8 years of suffering with hip pain I had tried just about everything out there and had also spent a lot of money out of my own pocket to eliminate the pain in my hip. I could list all the therapies I tried but that is not important, what is important is that I never gave up and that my pain could be resolved and knew I had to keep trying.

I was recommended by a friend to visit Marianne and let her ‘work’ on my body. Marianne worked with all the information I had given her about my body but we still could not resolve this pain until one day I happen to mention that 12 years ago – Yes 12 years ago!!! I hurt my lower back moving furniture. Marianne went straight to that area and finally the most important piece of the puzzle was in place. The next few sessions were the best I had received in years as finally I started to feel some real improvement in that area. Today that pain is 75% cured and I know that together with Marianne’s dedication and my refusal to live with pain we will reach that goal of 100% pain free.

I would recommend anyone who is living with pain in their body to work with Marianne and let her help you work out the final piece of the puzzle.”

Georgina Large – Niskayuna, NY

“I met Marianne at Panera Bread one night she took one look at my back and asked me if I had trouble breathing. I’ll never forget that, I can’t tell you how many doctors I went to for this for the past 7 years. Just hearing Marianne say that made me feel GREAT! I felt like someone knew what I had been talking about, finally. I have been going to her now for 5 or 6 weeks and the deep medical tissue massage has made a big difference for me. I leave being able to take a real deep breath. This has made a big difference for me I highly recommend it.

Thanks Marianne!”

Lynn Nagelsmith

“Perception is reality when it comes to medical deep tissue massage therapy. If you feel better, you are better and Marianne Brunner, my message therapist has made me feel better about myself not just physically but mentally too. For years I have been suffering with what has wrongly been diagnosed as carpel tunnel syndrome, which causes numbness in my hands. With the help of Marianne’s MDT treatments, she has relieved my condition by discovering that muscle tension has been constricting my nerves. The MDT I receive from Marianne Brunner is a skilled, knowledgeable, highly competent and creative talent that has given me serious relief and general physical improvement. With her help, I have been able to begin undertaking muscle and body development to improve my general health and wellbeing. I strongly recommend her services for anyone who wants a safe and non-intrusive treatment to improve their health.”

Victor Batorsky, Rensselaer, NY