Marianne Brunner LMT CLT NCBTMB

Marianne BrunnerAfter graduating from massage school in 2003 I started studying medical deep tissue with Dr. James Macie DC, LMT, of Structural Release in Guilderland. I assisted him with the development of the medical deep tissue program and his classes at the AMTA State Conventions.

Dr. Macie was and still is my mentor and I would like to thank him for his support and belief in me.

My passion for massage drives me in many directions. I deepened my knowledge of Reflexology and treatment and evaluation of the shoulder through several continuing education courses. In 2009 I flew to Santa Monica, CA to become certified in manual lymph drainage (MLD) and complete decongestive  therapy (CDT). I can now help a vast array of people, from complicated injuries such as ACL reconstruction to simple neck and back pain.

I was also a teacher for the Center of Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany from 2001 to 2003. It was wonderful to inspire future massage therapists and my latest passion is to take classes with the Institute for Brain Potential. Our thoughts have a big impact on our muscular system. To teach my knowledge to my clients can inspire and help them in their lives.

My desire to grow is never ending. There is so much out there to learn and apply that will make me a more diverse massage therapist. To help and inspire people is my life –  to improve your well-being is my fondest wish – thank you for your trust in me.

I currently hold the following licenses:


New York State #016224

National Certification #394023-00

Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) 

AFFA Personal Trainer Certification